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RPattz [Ugh]

Dear Exercise....

We're not friends. Let's face it. You like thin guys with running shoes and women who wear nothing but sports bras for tops. I'm not your man. I'd snarf down a cheeseburger anyday of the week rather than come to you, Exercise. And you know it.

But this thing that's been going on between us since Monday?

Yeah, I don't know what it is either.

You were there, I was there, there was all sunshine after a rainy week. You had that beautiful sky and warm air and I had been working all day and so fed up with people. It just, like, clicked. It was only supposed to be a walk. Just a meander around the neighborhood and back up the bayou. I'd bring the iPod, you would provide the scenery, and no one would have to know. The next day though, you were back. And the one after that. It's been six days now.

This is wrong.

We can't do this. You know we're just not meant for each other. You know you're gonna want more soon and I know you're too high maintence for me. I like to wear black and jeans in the summer. And I don't like to shower so sweating isn't really my thing.

So. Before things get serious, or we up hurting people, let's end this charade, kay?




LMAO, You're the funniest ex-planet I've ever met.

You are so not ready for commitment,lol.
But you have failed me. v_v

Re: Wow.

Hey. You never know. It all depends. Maybe tomorrow I'll do it...once more...just you know, to make a whole week.

Me > you = ice crystals in deep space

Re: Wow.

I could take that the wrong way, you know.
You have a nasty mind like that.



You=Dust particles floating around that used to be a shiny star but are now floating around aimlessly because they FAIL and the star went BOOM and ate a galaxy.
How do you feel being respinsible for the destruction of a galaxy?

Re: Wow.

How 'bout you just get off my balls, yo?
Ahahaha, I totally get what you mean. I hate exercise, and I agree completely with the sweat/shower thing, but I've been walking a lot more recently from uni to home and vice versa, and it's just...it actually gives me time to go through my podcasts! Crazy. I do hate that smelly feeling I get after a two mile walk though!
I skimmed through this without reading the subject line, and I was SO confused. Then I lol'd.

But, aw. Exercise is good! Don't fight the urge! I mean, I used to laugh at douchebags who compulsively run 3 times a week.


But now I do.

Congrats, B - you made me laugh! An excellent addition to my f-list for the day.