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RPattz [Freezer]

Five things

I'm too lazy to cut, so deal with it. Ganked from microcutts.

5 Things That Cross Your Mind Alot
01. SEX
02. Food
03. Writing stories
04. Computer related business
05. Work realted crap...the unfun kind.

5 Last People You Interacted With At School
(or in a public place if you do not go to school)
01. My brother
02. Dr. Logan, our dentist
03. My mother
04. Customers at work
05. Uh...

Last 5 People Who Texted You:
01. Izzy
02. Frankie
03. Elle
04. Sebastian
05. but all of that's just different people, not counting repeat texters

5 Random Things About You
01. I have hearts on my boxers right now.
02. Stockings on girls are sexy.
03. I like to be naked. Yeah. So.
04. I really miss having my own car.
05. My favourite mug is orange with bug-eyed cartoon bats on it. I drink hot chocolate from it.

5 Things Near You
01. Cell phone
02. My coke can
03. Eyedrops
04. Remote control
05. Some socks

5 Things You Hate
01. Can I just say everything?
02. Taylor Swift
03. Liars
04. Movies edited for TV
05. Getting back home with my food order and finding it to be WRONG.

5 Things You Love
01. French fries
02. VH1 Reality shows
03. Kittens
04. My Chemical Romance
05. Great horror movies

5 Things You Probably Say Too Often
01. I'm just sayin'.
02. I know, right?
03. What?
04. What's for dinner?
05. Would you like that with whip cream or without?

5 Things You Do Before You Fall Asleep
01. Brush my teeth/floss
02. Watch Adult Swim
03. Turn out lights
04. Kick the cats out and close door
05. Talk on phone or read or continue watching [as] until sleep finds me

5 Things You're Wearing Right Now
01. Hoodie
02. Tee shirt
03. Sweatpants
04. Socks
05. A ring

5 Songs That You Love ATM (at the moment)
01. UGH....Circus - Britney Spears -.-
02. Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation
03. Horror of Our Love - Ludo
04. Just Let Go - Mae
05. Florida - Modest Mouse

Your 5 Favorite Movies
01. The Crow
02. Almost Famous
03. Pirates of the Caribbean
04. Grandma's Boy
05. Gah...I need a longer list, but...Quills

Your 5 Favorite Music Artists
01. MCR
02. Modest Mouse
03. Paramore
04. Mae
05. Elton John/Billy Joel (it's a package deal, okay?)

5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die
01. Finish a GREAT novel
02. Meet a talking dog (what?)
03. Live in NYC
04. Make a living with someone I love
05. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland

5 People That Should Do This
lol...I don't even think five people read my journal.
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I don't actually remember the last time I've seen a movie edited for TV. Funny that. Nothing's ever really censored here.

"Meet a talking dog (what?)"
That reminds me of that old TV show: 100 deeds for eddie mcdowd! Or something. That would be coool.