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Text [My Phrase]


It's Tuesday and well, you know. This week, random hatred! This one might be a two-parter, because I hate a lot of people. Hahah.

Top Ten People I Hate
1. Two words. Rush. Limbaugh.
2. Stephanie Meyer. UGH. You have no idea.
3. Dane Cook. He's not funny!
4. Colin Ferrel. He's not hot! Nor can he act.
5. Anyone from 'The Hills'
6. Taylor Swift. Squinty eyed little cliche songwriter.
7. The Jonas Brothers.
8. Any other Disney kid star (ie...HSM, Camp Rock, Wizards, etc...whatever)
9. The Maddens. I don't know why.
10. Tom Cruise. He just creeps me out now.

This week was mostly uneventful. I had a transfusion yesterday; my head hurts today. I have work tonight, but I don't really feel like going.

The last couple of time I was working in Starbucks, my stomach started hurting. I thought maybe it was the coffee, so last time I didn't have anything with any coffee in it. I still got sick. Maybe it's the steamed milk? Then I thought "What if you're becoming lactose intolerant?" NO. I would DIE. I love dairy! Diary...? Daree? Whatever.

Being online is really boring these days.


I still think we should fix this.
I think that's dangerous thinking.